How Does a SRS Module Work and When to Get it Repaired?


There are so many safety components in your vehicle that everyone should educate themselves on, like the airbag module system and how that works. If you don’t know already the airbag system has a little module that acts as the vehicle’s computer, which controls the entire airbag system. It controls everything from the impact sensors, airbags and seat belts. Even in the event of a minor accident, the airbag module may store crash data and light up your airbag light or check engine light. The SRS which stands for (Supplemental Restraint System) can protect you only if it is in good working condition. Otherwise, it may not work the way it should, which can result in unnecessary physical damage during an accident or collision.

Now that you know how the SRS Module works, you should know when you should get it repaired, in other words reset. An SRS module repair may be necessary if the airbag light is on. However, it will always be necessary to get it repaired after an accident. The SRS airbag system computer will have crash codes or crash data known as hard codes stored in it. Your airbag light may be on for many different reasons and most of the time because there is an airbag fault. This could be related to the airbag module itself or any of the following reasons: Airbags deployed, faulty seat belt pretensioners, faulty airbag clockspring, crash sensors fault, crash data stored, wiring harness problem, and or miscommunication or no communication. These are the most common faults, but your airbag light may be due to other reasons. No matter what the problem is, you should always scan your system using an OBD airbag scanner to read and obtain the codes. If you do not have an OBD airbag scanner, you can get your vehicle diagnosed at any local shop.

If you have been in an accident and are looking for a place to get a SRS airbag module reset then contact Safety Restore. Going to a dealer to get an SRS module repair can cost you hundreds, and it also needs to be programmed to your vehicles VIN which is extra time and money. Safety Restore is a post-accident restoration company that offers its reset service for only $49! Whether you choose to buy a new or used module or to use your existing airbag module, their expert technicians can help you.

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