Parts of a Car Usually Affected in a Crash


All kinds of things can happen after a car accident. Many times, the vehicle(s) involved in the crash need to be towed from the scene because they have been totaled and cannot be driven anymore. Other times, the damages are quite extensive but do not render towing necessary.

The most common part of a car to be affected during a collision is the exterior, of course. Usually, at least one hood of a car and at least one trunk of a car get damaged if the accident involves two or more cars. However, damage usually occurs to multiple components surrounding the main hit. If the front of the car is affected, the front headlights, the grille, the front doors, the front tires, and sometimes even the front window get shattered, dented, or caved in too. If the back of a car gets affected, damage usually extends to the back tires, the backlights, the back window, and the entire trunk area. If a car is T-boned, the tires, doors, and side windows are almost always damaged.

Even though the exterior of the vehicle is usually the first to be affected when an accident occurs, that doesn’t mean that the interior doesn’t get affected as well. As a matter of fact, sometimes the damage inside of a car is just as bad as on the outside! When the front of a car is hit, the battery, the heater and air conditioner, and the steering wheel can very easily be impaired as well.

Another part of the interior of vehicles that often gets affected by car accidents is the seat belts. When a car comes in contact with another or comes to a rapid stop, the seat belt mechanisms in the vehicle usually lock up. Once they are locked up, they need to be fixed in order to function properly again.

If your car has recently been involved in an automotive accident, check the condition of your seat belts. If they are not like they were prior to the accident, you should look into getting seat belt repair immediately. If you turn to the company Safety Restore, they will be able to help you out. This seat belt repair shop specializes in all types of seat belt repair services, including seat belt retractor repair, seat belt pre-tensioner repair, and even seat belt webbing replacement. Whether you need seat belt retractor repair or seat belt webbing replacement, you will pay an affordable price and save yourself hundreds of dollars than if you were to go to a dealer.

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