Prepare Your Car For Winter


Winter is fast approaching and that is perhaps the trickiest time of the year when it comes to our vehicles. It is the coldest out of all the seasons and entails an expectation of snow, sleet, ice, and even hail. Because of the harsh conditions associated with winter, extra care and precaution have to be practiced in order to maintain your safety on the road.

If you drive in an area where winters are pretty harsh, consider equipping your vehicle with things like snow tires. If you do not want to get snow tires, at least inspect your current tire pressure and tread depth to see if they are suitable to power through winter. If they are not looking that promising, it is better for you to buy new tires and be safe!

Another good idea would be to check the levels of your engine coolant and antifreeze. For the winter months, you should also consider purchasing windshield wiper fluid specifically made for winter. Oil is another similar fluid. For the winter months, you should look into switching to winter-grade oil.

Also, you may want to prepare for emergency situations by stashing a “winter supply” kit inside of your vehicle. Think about adding things like an LED tactical flashlight, a small tarp, tire chains, a windshield brush and scraper, a battery boost jumper, and traction mats inside of this kit. Even if you don’t end up needing to use these items, the more you are prepared, the better.

When preparing for winter, you may also want to inspect your car and the condition of the main safety features—the seat belts and the airbags. The winter months come with increased accidents on the roads, so you want to make sure that your car is well equipped to protect you. Some things that would render your seat belts in need of repair are rips, tears, fraying, or problems with the actual retraction of the seat belts. SRS airbag replacement would be necessary if your vehicle has recently been involved in a crash and has stored crash data in its small SRS airbag control module. The thing about the SRS airbag module is that as soon as it has that stored data and codes in its system, the airbags will completely cease working. Nothing but complete airbag module replacement or airbag repair will reverse that. A great company that you can turn to for SRS airbag repair is Safety Restore. The company only charges $64.99 for the service and it comes with a lifetime warranty guarantee!

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