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Lime Green Seat Belts

Stand Apart With Lime Green Seat Belts!

Are you someone that doesn’t like to go with the flow, but rather against it? Perhaps you may demonstrate that in all areas of your life—your clothing style, your home décor, and your activities and hobbies. However, I am here to tell you another part of your life where you can stand apart—your car! As […]

Custom Seat Belt Webbing

The Best Way to Customize Your Cadillac Calais

Calais, one of Cadillac’s productions was the entry-level Cadillac model that was sold from 1965 to 1976. Cadillac renamed the Series 62 “Calais” in 1965, after the French town and resort which overlooks the narrowest point in the English Channel. Another interesting fact about the name is in Greek mythology, the name “Calais” was also […]