What to do it your seat belt is not buckling properly


Using a seat belt has always been drilled into our minds since the moment we started to learn how to drive. However, do we know why it is so important to use it and to keep it working properly? Lets go over some of the basics of a seat belt and what to do if you think it may need to do any repairs like seat belt buckle repair.

A seat belt has several components. There is the seat belt retractors, seat belt buckles, seat belt tongues, pillar loops, as well as the seat belt webbing.

The job of most of these components is easy to guess based off of there names. Retractors retract the seat belt and lock the webbing in the event of an accident. Seat belt buckles secure as well as release the tongue. The tongue is attached to the webbing which secures the seatbelt. The pillar loop guides the seat belt webbing over the shoulder and across the chest. The seat belt webbing gets tightened by the retractor upon impact during an accident. Seat belt webbing is made from 100% polyester and has the strength to support more than 28 kNw or 6,000 lbs.

Sometimes, certain components break or start to act up such as the webbing, pretensioner, or in your case, the buckle. In this scenario, you would want to reach out to an OEM Seat belt repair company like Safety Restore. They offer many several services such as an airbag module reset, cluster repair, seat belt pretensioner repair, and even custom webbing color. All you need to do is visit SafetyRestore.com to get started. Select your service and ship your item. Once Safety Restore receives your item (in this case the buckle), they will repair and ship it back out within 24 hours! Not only do their services come with a lifetime warranty but also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let them help you get on the road safely with properly working SRS components.

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